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The problem is not technology, or nature. The problem is how to organise societies at a global scale. We need to posit that a non-Neolithic way of organising society is possible, Alain Badiou


Philopolitics is an independent research centre established to explore political, social and cultural alternatives and models that would contribute to greater civic participation, solidarity and dignity of individuals and groups in order to create peaceful, just and inclusive societies.


The goals of the Association are: improvement of knowledge and skills of social, political and cultural activism; education of citizens, especially young people about the importance and possibilities of social, political and cultural activism, organisation of activities, cooperation and networking of institutions, organisations and individuals engaged in social, political and cultural activism and research.




  1. Contemporary Political Practices 🌞 – Analysing of contemporary political developments and challenges, such as the rise of populism, the crisis of capitalism, the environmental crisis and the issue of sustainability, population migration and the issue of new citizens, the issue of narrowing the economic and social divide between the global South and the North; Here, Philopolitics emerges in the spirit of a real think tank, an independent research centre, that does analysis, research, and proposes new policies and innovative mechanisms;
  2. Contemporary Societal Challenges 🌙 – Monitoring and exploring minority policies and the status of minority and marginalised groups (LGBTIQ, Roma, refugees, vulnerable ethnic and religious minorities, socially and economically disadvantaged), exploring aporophobia (fear of / hatred towards poverty and the poor), right to public space, problems of segregation and gentrification;
  3. Exploring alternatives 🚀 – In addition to exploring contemporary challenges, our think tank is also exploring alternatives to political and social institutions, and looking for different definitions and possible new models to help overcome their current crisis (for example: marriage, gender, sexuality, family, patriarchy / matriarchy, state, democracy, wealth, reputation, success, etc.). Through a kind of research lab, Philopolitics studies within this work unit how different world cultures and civilisations approached these institutions and concepts and what their forms and functions were.


Program units:


  1. Research 🧬 – Our team conducts field research, collects data, analyses and organizes focus groups and debates. This is the core area of ​​our activity from which we draw knowledge and materials for our further work and activism.
  2. Production and Publishing 🎞 – This program unit includes video production (production of short educational and documentary videos), publishing and translation (foreign authors, publishing of domestic authors), publishing of periodicals, publications and research results, as well as creation of knowledge bases and multimedia maps. This unit is a link that uses research results and provides the necessary tools and inputs to our education and our outreach campaign.
  3. Education and Outreach 🖍 – Educating and sensitising the general public, especially young people, is one of the key goals of our Association. Using the tools and instruments of the other two units (research results, analyses, knowledge bases, films and videos, publications…), we create the basis for creating quality curricula from which our workshops, educational courses, trainings, as well as forums and conferences are created. All this is very important for sensitising and creating outreach with the general public, which we do through regular announcements about our work (email newsletters, periodicals, websites, social networks) and invite individuals and groups to become involved and become active participants in our projects (through online and media campaigns, participation in projects, research and events), as well as the opportunity to propose and launch an action and / or project within our Association.


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