Serbian Fine Arts

SFA is a project that in the form of exhibitions, talks, lectures and publications tries to establish a relationship between local (Serbian and Yugoslav) avant-garde heritage and contemporary art practices today in the context of creating new models of cultural policies "from below" and new forms of artistic self-organisation culture in Serbia.

SFA is a project that engages in the spaces of self-organised cultural initiatives and organisations and examines the relationship of practical, organisational issues, issues of cultural models and cultural policies, and direct artistic production, interpretation, meaning and evaluation of that production.

SFA is a project that connects the field of art history (both its "archival" and "interpretive mandate") with the field of direct artistic practice in order to compensate for the shortcomings in art education when it comes to local avant-garde heritage within which production models were created. and organisations that are still relevant today, both artistically and ideologically, as well as politically and organisationally.

SFA is a flexible project that can enter into various forms of cooperation with other projects dealing with current issues of forming new cultural and production models on the independent art scene, but above all the main contribution of this project is in the field of education that emerges from the existing institutional system. "Guest appearances" on independent culture and adapting artistic and historical-artistic education to different local contexts and needs.

Project Texts