Dreamt Capital Cities

Dreamt Capital Cities is a project on utopian ventures of modern independent nations who intentionally built capital cities ex-nihilo. This research and story-telling project aims to describe reasons why these cities were built, what kind of values and dreams these cities had to materialize and finally, whether they succeeded in embodying these values. These undertakings differ in their aesthetics, narratives and historical contexts from nation to nation, but nevertheless, all of them represent an attempt of transforming values and political ideas into physical and spatial facts and of creating new political and national symbols. The project focuses on 8 capital cities that were built ex-nihilo - i.e. Washington, DC (USA), Canberra (Australia), Brasilia (Brazil), Islamabad (Pakistan), Naypyitaw (Myanmar), Abuja (Nigeria), Palikir (FS of Micronesia) and Ngerulmud (Palau)

Project Texts