DIVAN Hub represents a community made up of all those who work on social change through art, education and community work. The hub provides space for individuals and organisations to express themselves.

Participants have the opportunity to recognise the work of others, to network and to create new methods of work, new approaches and thus change the communities in which they live.

How we do that?

- Creating a network of all those who work in the field of culture, arts and applied arts, youth work and education and all those who want to use creative and artistic methods in working with the community;

- Connecting actors from formal education and institutions with civil society organisations, artists and other important actors in the field of non-formal education and art;

- Promoting art as a means of encouraging social change.

VAHA is an initiative of Anadolu Kültür and MitOst, funded by Stiftung Mercator and the European Cultural Foundation. VAHA partner consortium is in a collaboration with the iac Berlin to implement a series of thematic workshops and network meetings.   Facebook  Instagram

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